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How to lock a record to prevent further data entry

It is possible to lock records in Castor, which will prevent other users from accessing them and making changes to the data. Only users with the 'Lock' user right can lock/unlock a record. Once a record is locked, it cannot be signed.

To lock an individual record, navigate to the 'Records' tab and find the record you want to lock. Highlight the record and click on the Lock (padlock) icon in the record's 'Actions' column:

Once locked, the padlock icon will be 'filled in' and the icon remains beside the record in the 'Actions' column:

To lock multiple records at once, select the checkbox beside each record that you wish to lock. Once all the records are selected, click on the 'Lock selected' button at the bottom of the Records tab:

To unlock one or more records, either click the padlock icon beside each record or re-select the records in the list and click on the 'Unlock selected' button at the bottom of the screen.

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