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Track record progress

This article explains how to track the progress of records in your study.

The Records tab

  1. Navigate to the 'Records' tab. Here, you have an overview of all of the records in your study. You will automatically be taken to the 'List records' view mode.
  2. There are two other views in which you can find more detailed information about the progress of your records: 'Progress by phases' and 'Progress by steps'.
  3. Each record has a progress bar which indicates the completion status of the record. Progress bars are colour coded - a Grey/empty bar means data entry has not been started for this record, a partially Blue bar means that data entry is in progress and a full Green bar indicates that all fields are completed for the record.

Progress by phases

In the 'Progress by phases' view mode you can see the status of each phase for each record:

Hovering the mouse pointer over the cells will cause a tool tip to display with the name of the phase and its status with a "name-status" format.  Double clicking a cell will open the record on the selected phase, so you can quickly navigate to phases requiring your attention. The phase icons are colour-coded: Green - Phase completed; Yellow - Phase started but incomplete; Grey - Phase not started yet. Additionally each phase can have small icons noting that the phase is locked, signed or has an open query.

Progress by steps

The 'Progress by steps' view follows the same principles as the 'Progress by phases' overview. Here you can see the status of each step for each record.

When you hover your mouse pointer over the cells you'll see a tool tip with the name of the step and its status. Double clicking a cell will open the record on the selected step, so you can quickly navigate to steps requiring your attention. The step icons are colour-coded in the same way as the phases. 

Statuses of phases and steps

Additionally each phase and step can have small icons indicating the following statuses:

  • a lock icon indicates a locked phase or step.
  • a check mark in the right upper corner indicates a signed phase or step.
  • a question mark icon indicates the presence of at least one open query.
  • a green check mark in the left lower corner indicates a verified step.
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