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Verify a completed form (Source Data Verification)

If you are a monitor performing source data verification (SDV) you can mark steps and phases as source-data verified. The verification type first needs to be set up by the study admin, find out how here.

To be able to verify a form, you need 'Verify' rights. 

Mark a step/phase as verified

Currently, it is only possible to verify a full step or phase, while verifying a field is not possible. To mark a step or phase as verified, follow these steps. Open the record where you want to perform SDV or any other data verification that is relevant for your study:

Go to the phase or step that you want to verify. Select the cogwheel next to a phase or step and click on 'Mark as verified':

If there is only one verification type defined in the study, this will be automatically selected. If there are two or more, then you will need to choose which type of verification you want to use. You can also select whether the verification will need to be dropped when data is being modified:

If you select 'yes' for this option, that means that when another user modifies the data in that step or phase in any way, the verification will be removed. Click 'OK' to save the verification or 'Cancel' to discard the change and return to the data entry view.

The step or phase will be marked as verified with a blue banner indicating the date and time of verifying as well as the user name. A checkmark appears above the bullet next to each verified phase/step in the step navigator to the left. If two users need to verify the same data, the banner will appear two times.

In the banner you will see the option to 'remove' the verification, but only if you are the one who has done the verification. You can use that if you want to remove the verification for whatever reason:

You can see that steps are verified when the checkmark next to its status is show.

In the records tab, when using the 'Progress by phases/steps' view, you will also see a checkmark in the bottom left corner of each step/phase that has been verified. If a step/phase was also signed (in addition to verified), two checkmarks will be shown and hovering over the checkmark will show what it indicates.

Modifying data in a verified form

Once you have verified a form, the data entry users might need to modify the data for some reason. If you have opted for the verification to be removed when the data is modified (see step 4), then the user will receive a warning when they are attempting to modify data and any data modification will lead to dropping of the verification. If the study admin has set up a notification for dropping of form verifications, then the chosen user will be notified whenever this occurs. 

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