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Print record data

Print a single record

Please note that to print record data, both view and edit rights are required.

It is possible to print out the complete data for a record in Castor.

1. Open the 'Records' tab

1. Click on the three dots next to a record 

2. Select 'Print':

The print dialog will open and you can select which information types should be added to the printed record:

  • Helptexts: This will include the additional helptext you included in that field during field creation. 
  • Additional info: This includes field type, variable name, and whether or not the field is required. 
  • Calculation field templates: This includes the calculation templates for every calculation field in the study. 
  • Hidden calculation fields: This includes all calculation fields that are hidden; it will still print for your record.
  • Print steps on separate pages: If 'Yes' is selected, the data for each step of the study will be printed on separate pages. 

When you print the CRF for one record, it will look like this:

  1. Helptext
  2. Additional info
  3. Calculation field template

Print multiple records

You can print multiple records by following these steps:

  1. In the 'Records' tab, select the records you want to print. It is possible to print a maximum of 10 records at a time.
  2. Click 'Actions' button to open a menu and click 'Print selected'. 
  3. The print dialog will open and you can choose which additional information types are included in the printed records. This follows the same rules as for a single record.

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