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Mark fields and steps as missing

Mark a field as missing

If a data point cannot be answered due to missing data or other known reason, you can address this in the study forms by defining the data as 'user missing'. This option can be accessed by clicking on the cogwheel next to the field and selecting 'User missing':

A dialog window will open, in which you are prompted to select the most applicable reason for the missing data point and to add a comment. The selected reason will assign the associated value to the field and this value that will also be exported as data values. It is not possible to change the predefined values for missing data. The available values are:

  • Measurement failed (-95)
  • Not Applicable (-96)
  • Not asked (-97)
  • Asked but unknown (-98)
  • Not done (-99)

The field marked as missing will be faded/greyed in the form, but the status icon will update to show that the field has been completed. A comment will be added to the field, containing the reason entered.

If needed, it is possible to remove the 'user missing' entry by clicking on the cogwheel menu and select ing the checkbox 'User missing' again. This will remove the 'User missing' status and allow entry of data into the field. The comment will be kept and each of these actions will be logged in the audit trail.

Mark full steps/phases as missing

Full steps and phases can also be marked as missing by selecting Mark phase / step as missing in the data entry navigator using the cogwheel right next to the phase/step:

After 'Mark step/phase as missing' is clicked, a new dialog window will open in which you can provide a reason for the missing information and include a comment:

As seen in the image above, marking a step as missing can only be 'reverted' by clicking on the cogwheel again and select the checkbox 'user missing' again, which must be done for each field. The comment will be kept and each of these actions will be logged in the audit trail.

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