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Notifications for study events

This article explains how to receive notifications about the events in your study that you are interested in.

Castor EDC can send you updates via email (notifications) of several predefined events as soon as they happen in the system.

Setting up Notifications

To set up notifications, first go to the study 'Settings' tab, then choose the 'Notifications' sub-tab. Here you can add a new notification or edit existing ones. When clicking the 'Add notification' button or the edit cogwheel, this menu will appear: 

When adding a new notification there are several options to be set.

  1. Event type: Choose one of the currently eight available events:
  • Form signature dropped due to edit
  • Form signed: Report
  • For signed: Report Step
  • Form signed: Study Phase
  • Form signed: Study Step
  • Form verification dropped due to edit (and field form verification dropped due to edit)
  • New query created
  • New record created
  • Query updated
  • Record randomized
  • Report completed
  • Survey package completed
  • New report added to record: when selecting new report added to a record, choose  from the drop-down menu which is the specific report that you are interested in receiving the notification

   2. Recipient: Choose a recipient of the notification email in the drop-down (which shows all users added to the study).

    3. Filter on institute: Choose one or multiple institutes for which you want to receive the notifications (i.e. only your own hospital). Leave this field empty if you want to receive notifications for all institutes.

    4. Notification template: This is the email text that will be sent when the event occurs. You can modify this as you like. The listed available tags will be replaced by their real values when the notification is sent.

Press the 'Save' button to save the notification or the cancel button to return to the notifications overview. This is also where you can find all current the notifications created for your study:

Setting up notifications workshop video:

Watch the video walk-through on Castor Academy

Notifications | Castor Academy

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