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Unlock a locked account

This article details how to unlock a user account. In Castor, an account is locked when the user enters a wrong password several times.

Note: only a study admin or user with the 'Manage Users' right can unlock accounts.

Locked users

If a user has tried to log in more than 10 times using a wrong password, Castor will lock the account and prohibit access until the account is manually unlocked. The user will see a notification informing that the account is locked: "Login attempts are limited to 10, we have now locked your account for security purposes. Learn how to unlock your account on our help desk."

To unlock a user account, go to the 'Users' tab and locate the user account. Locked users are indicated with a lock icon in the 'Actions' column. Click on the icon to remove the lock:

A dialog window will appear, asking you to confirm that the account should be unlocked:

Click 'Yes' to continue with the unlock procedure - if successful, a message will display. The locked user can now try to log in again. If needed, the user can also reset their account password using the 'Reset password' function on the login page.

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