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How can I add new institutes?

When setting up a multicenter study, new institutes (sites) can be added via the 'Settings' tab in the study. To add a new institute, click on the 'Manage institutes' button. A dialog window will be opened, which contains a list of all existing institutes:

New institutes can be created using the 'Add Institute' button. In the dialog window, you should provide the name of the institute, the country and select an abbreviation which can be used within the study. This information can be changed at any time.

You can view and print an overview of all institutes and all user rights per institute using the 'Print' button.

Clicking on the cogwheel in the 'Actions' column opens the dialog window showing the properties of the existing institute (Name, Country, Code, and Abbreviation) and these can be changed if required.

To delete an institute, click the 'X' icon in the Actions column. Please note that if the study is currently or has previously been 'live' and there are records in the study associated with this institute, it cannot be deleted.

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