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Can I add photos and videos to the study forms?

There are three ways to add photos or videos to a study in Castor. 

  1. You can add an image into the study form by adding an 'Image' field to the step.
  2. Users are also able to add photos or video files using the 'Upload File' field. This field allows a user to upload files to the study (max 5 MB). Please contact the Castor Support team for authorization before uploading video files. For more information on file uploads, see the guide: Creating Fields.
  3. It is also possible to add a picture or video to the help/info text field. You can do this by using this syntax: ![alt text](https://path/to/img.jpg) replacing the template URL with a direct link to the image.

You can find this syntax under the help/info field while creating fields in the study - click 'Help' to view this and other helpful tips.

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