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Can I add photos and videos to the study forms?

There are three ways to add photos or videos to a study in Castor:

1. Show an image in the form

You can add an image into the form by adding an 'Image' field to the step. Here  is an example of a the image field as seen in the study forms: 

2. Upload a file during data entry

Users are also able to upload photos or video files using the 'Upload File' field. This field allows a user to upload files to the study with a maximum file size of 5 MB. If uploading video files or larger file types, the Large File Upload feature is recommended - this allows you to upload larger files, up to 2GB per file. For more information on the 'Upload File' field, see the associated helpdesk article: the 'Upload File' field.  Here  is an example of a the Upload file field as seen in the study forms:

3. Add an image or link in the help/info text

It is also possible to add a picture or video to the help/info text field. You can do this by using this syntax: ![alt text](https://path/to/img.jpg) replacing the template URL with a direct link to the image.

You can find this syntax under the help/info field while creating fields in the study - click 'Help' (1) to view this and other helpful tips (2).

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