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How can I test a survey?

Once you have created a survey and a test record, you can try to send an email with the survey to yourself, by adding your own email address to a record. You will then get the exact email that a normal participant of the study will get:

Clicking on the link will take you directly to the survey. If you only wish to view the survey and not send any emails yet, you can simply choose 'Decide later' for the survey invitation. Then navigate to the Surveys tab, click on the cogwheel next to the survey and click 'Open in new window'. To read more about the Surveys tab, see the manual article Managing Surveys.

When you access the survey, the layout will be exactly the same as the one each participant will see:

  1. The progress bar under "Steps" shows how much of the survey has been completed. This will change with each question filled in, much like in report data entry.
  2. Each step in the survey is listed under "Steps" below the progress bar for the participant to track their progress in the steps.
  3. The main portion of the survey constitutes of the questions which the participant answers in the same style as record data entry.
  4. Language support: We have the option to switch between Dutch and English in the survey data entry screen.  Please note that only the standard static text elements are translated, for example "Next" and "Click here", whereas the survey itself does not change.
  5. The participant uses the "Next" and "Previous" button to navigate between adjacent steps. 

The survey format is the same as will be provided to the participants of your study, so testing the surveys yourself will enable you to obtain an insight of how these will appear to participants.

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