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Manage sent and scheduled surveys

All survey invitations that you create and send will appear in the study Surveys tab:

You can make use of this tab to track the survey progress, to re-send survey invitations and to archive (or un-archive) any unnecessary surveys. Each row is a separate survey invitation and contains several categories (columns):

  •  Record - the record ID to which the invitation belongs.
  •  Institute - the institute to which the record belongs.
  •  Package name - the name of the survey package.
  •  Status - the status of completion of each survey; this can be Open (the survey was never started), In progress (the survey was started but not completed), Completed (the survey was finished), and Locked (the survey was locked).
  •  Progress - the progress of each survey in percentages.
  •  Date created - the date when the invitation was created
  • Date planned - the date when the invitation is planned to be sent. This column will be empty for surveys that are sent without planning, i.e. immediately upon creation.
  • Date sent - the date when the invitation was sent. This column will be empty for surveys that are not sent, i.e. for invitations that were created with the 'Decide later' option for date of sending.
  • Date completed - the date when the survey was completed by the participant.

You can click on the heading of any of these categories to sort the surveys according to that category in an ascending (one click) or descending (two clicks) order. The last column contains a cogwheel that you can click to edit the survey invitation or view the survey responses. Clicking on the cogwheel reveals the following options: 

  • Edit invitation properties. Here you can edit the email of the recipient, the phase to which the survey belongs to, and the sending schedule. Note: editing the email address in the survey invitation does not edit the email address of the record itself.
  • View survey (without editing). This is to simply view the survey results.
  • Open the survey for data entry in a popup or in a new window. This can be used for viewing the survey or editing it, for example, if the subject fills in the survey directly on site, or if the researcher enters the answers for them from a printed version.
  • (Re)send an invitation mail. This can be used to resend the invitation in case the subject has not responded to the survey.
  • Print the filled in survey for personal archiving.
  • Lock the survey to prevent further modifications. Note: if the survey package was created in a way to automatically lock the survey upon finishing, the survey will be automatically locked and therefore this option will read "Unlock survey".
  • Archive the survey. This will archive the survey invitation and stop any future scheduled sending. If the study was never live, there will be an additional option to fully delete the survey invitation.

Filtering surveys

In the top of the Surveys tab you can apply many filters to select specific surveys. These are the filters you can use:

Institute: If you want to filter surveys for records that belong only to one institute.

Survey name: To find all surveys that contain the word Daily.

Completion status: To find all incomplete surveys. There are eight different completion statuses:

  • Created - a survey invitation package is created.
  • In Progress - a survey was sent and ready to be filled in or is being filled in. The system will display the progress based on the required questions that are filled in a survey, and will not take into account the questions that are not required.
  • Locked - all the required questions were filled  in and that the study admin manually set (locked) the survey, so no more changes are possible; the survey settings were set to 'Lock survey if finished', when the participant fills in all the required questions and presses the button 'finish survey', the survey gets automatically locked, so no more changes are possible as well.
  • Archived - surveys that were archived. These surveys will not be displayed in
  • Viewed - survey has been been opened and viewed, but no data is entered yet.
  • Sent - survey has been sent but not yet opened.
  • Failed - indicates that the survey invitation did not get to the recipient. Most likely because the email address is incorrect. The failed status is still under development and does now only work for re-sending an invitation. 
  • Completed - data has been entered and all the required questions are filled in. If there are no required questions, the survey will be shown as completed once the participant opens it.

Record ID: To find all surveys for a given record.

Date sent: To find all surveys that were sent before a certain date.

Date completed: To find all surveys that were completed after a certain date.

Parent: To find all surveys that belong to a certain phase.

In addition, you can combine these filters, for example if you want to find the surveys that belong to Phase 1 and to institute X and that were sent before 1 Dec. This is convenient if you want to send survey reminders.

To clear all the filters, just press the button 'Reset':

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