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Bulk import of email addresses

It is possible to import a number of email addresses into their associated records from a csv-file. This can be useful if a large number of records need to be migrated to Castor or if you want to send survey invitations automatically to a large number of participants using the Automation Engine.

The email address is stored encrypted for each record and can only be accessed by a user with Email rights after providing a password.

Preparation to import

Before importing the email address data, please ensure that:

  • You have Import rights enabled in the study. This is required to be able to import email addresses.
  • To update ('overwrite') existing email addresses that have been added before, it is necessary to have Email rights. Without the Email rights, an error message will appear that it is not possible to update existing email address in a record.

There are two possible scenarios when importing email addresses:

  • New records need to be created with an email address  
  • An email address should be added to the existing records

Creating new records with an email address

  1. Prepare a csv file containing columns with record ID, institute abbreviation and email addresses:

  2. Click on the Import button in the Records tab
  3. Select the option to import email addresses
  4. Provide the correct password
  5. Indicate the column in the csv document where the email address is stored
  6. If the study already contains survey invitations, then you can decide if you want to update the email addresses in the existing survey invites with the ones you're importing.

Importing an email address to existing records

In case you would like to import email addresses for the already existing records, the csv file should only contain a record ID and an email address:

Repeat the steps 2-6 with the option 'Create records that do not exist' set to 'No':

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