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The Study Health Dashboard

The Study Health Dashboard is a premium feature. If you want to use the Study Health Dashboard, please contact us so that we can enable it for your study.

You can use the dashboard to track the progress of your study, incl.:

  • Participant recruitment
  • Monitoring activities
  • Data collection progress

Please note that the dashboard is only visible for users who have Manage Records rights.

View the Study Health Dashboard

Once the Study Health Dashboard has been enabled for your study, follow these steps to open it:

  1. Navigate to the Statistics tab.
  2. Click on the 'Study Health' button. A new pop-up will open for the Study Health Dashboard.

Record creation

At the top of the popup the record creations per institute are shown over time.

  1. Click on the dropdown under 'Institute(s)' to filter on institutes. The selection will be applied to all graphs.
  2. Hover with your mouse over the graph to see the exact number of records per date.
  3. Drag the bar under the graph to change the date range. If you have selected a smaller date range, you can also click and drag the graph to change the date range.

Record Data Entry Progress and Outstanding Queries

If you scroll down further, you will see:

  1. The Record Data Entry Progress:
    • On the y-axis the progress for every record is shown in percentages. 
    • On the x-axis the 'age' of a record is shown, i.e., how many days ago the record has been created.
    • Hover over the institutes on the right to see the records of that institute better. Alternatively, you can click on the institutes on the right to (de)select them. The selection will be applied to all graphs.
  2. The Outstanding Queries graph
    • Shows the number of closed and 'not closed' queries per institute.
    • Hover over the graph to see the related records in the Record Data Entry Progress.

Verification Status (SDV) for Steps

At the bottom the Verification Status (SDV) for Steps is shown per institute:

In this example, there are 16 verified steps and 72 unverified steps in total for the records that belong to the institute 'AUMC'. 

Note: If verification on a step is dropped (e.g. because a field value is updated), the verification will be dropped. This means that this step will be unverified again.

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