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Set up (Source) Data Verification for your study

In Castor you have the option to verify collected data in your study. The most common example is source data verification (SDV), but you can also define your own verification type depending on the quality control that you want to use for your study data. 

To use this feature you have to first ensure that the correct study settings are applied and that the correct user rights are assigned to users in the study. 

Data verification is linked to Monitoring, so to be able to use it, first enable Monitoring in your study settings. Note: Monitoring cannot be enabled for retrospective studies.

Verification types in your study

Under 'Manage verification types', located in the 'GCP' section of the study settings, you can add or edit the verification types in your study:

There are two verification types that are defined by default in each study: Source data verification and Other. You can edit the 'Other' type to contain the name you would like or you can remove it if it is not necessary for your study. The 'Source data verification' type cannot be edited or removed.

Note: You cannot remove a verification type if it is associated with a record. In that case, the verification itself has to be removed first from all forms by the user who has verified them.

To add a new verification type, in the Manage Verification Types pop-up:

  1. Select 'Add verification type'.
  2. Give the new verification a name and save it.
  3. The verification type is now added and you can close the pop-up. You will see it appear in your list of verification types and you can edit or delete it by using the action buttons next to the name.

Your verification is all set and can be used in your study by the monitor or any other user who has Verify rights. Check this article to learn how to verify a step or phase within a record.

Add a notification for dropped verifications

You can also add a notification for a relevant study user (e.g. monitor) when a verification is dropped. This will send a message to the selected recipient whenever changes are made to a verified form. To do so, go to the Settings tab > Notifications and define a new notification for the event 'Form verification dropped due to edit':

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