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If you want to repetitively send a survey in given intervals, for example if you want to send the same survey every month, you need to create a survey schedule.

Create a survey schedule

Click on Configure schedules in the Survey Packages sub-tab of the Structure tab:

The Survey Schedule Management dialog will open where you can add a new schedule:

  1. Give the schedule a name, e.g. "3 month intervals".
  2. Define the sending schedule. The schedule should be defined as a comma-separated list of the number of days since the first time the survey is sent. For example the given schedule '0,90,182,365' will create 4 new survey instances for which invitations will be sent on the selected date of sending, as well as after 3, 6 and 12 months respectively. 
  3. Click the Add button to save your schedule. A list with all your schedules will appear in this panel. If you want to edit or delete a created schedule, click on the cogwheel next to it (arrow).

Select Done when you have finished configuring your schedules. You can now start using it in your survey invitations.

The next time you create a survey invitation you will be able to select the schedule from the dropdown 'scheduling' after selecting 'on a specific date or schedule':

In this survey invitation dialog, you can also click on the Schedules button to define a new schedule or edit the existent ones. 

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