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Send individual surveys

In Castor, surveys are sent out by creating survey invitations. In order to send a survey you must first have created a survey form and a survey package.  Surveys are always sent in the form of survey packages, even if the package consists of only one survey.

In this tutorial you will learn how to send out survey invitations to a single record. To send a survey to multiple records at once check this article.

Send out individual surveys

To send a survey to a single participant, first enter the Record for that participant by navigating to the Records tab and double-clicking on the record of interest (or clicking the eye icon). Within the record, navigate to the Surveys tab and click on 'Create survey invitation':

A dialog window will appear - in here, you are required to select the survey package you want to send and other details of the invitation:

  1. Select the survey package you want to send.
  2. Add the email of the participant if this hasn't been previously added to the record (please note: this email address will not be saved in the record). If the email was already added in the record itself, it will be automatically extracted and this section will be pre-filled with the email address. To view the address, you will need to authenticate yourself again with your password and this viewing will be logged in the audit trail.
  3. Select a phase/report of your study, if you want to attach the survey to a certain phase or report. This is optional.
  4. The subject of the email that the participant will receive.
  5. The text of the email that the participant will receive will be drawn from your survey package settings. You can modify these here, if you wish.
  6. Check this box if you want the survey to be locked after finishing. This is convenient if you want to prevent further changes being made when the subject finishes the survey.
  7. Select when you want to send the survey. You have three options:
  • Now - the email invitation will be sent immediately after saving

  • Decide later - the invitation will be created but will not be sent. You will be able to define the date of sending later.

  • On a specific date or schedule - you can select a specific date when you want the survey to be sent or you can define a schedule in case you want to send the same package repetitively. You can learn more about survey schedules here.

Click 'Save' to create the survey invitation, or click 'Cancel' to exit this dialog and discard the changes.

Sending out surveys:

Watch video walk-through on Castor Academy:

Send individual surveys | Castor Academy

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