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Study management tabs

Open a study for management

To open your study for management, click on the study in the 'My Studies' page:

The 10 management tabs

There can be up to ten tabs visible in the study manager's view, depending on the rights you are allocated in the study.

  1. Records: From this tab, records can be accessed without the CRF being 'live', this allows study forms to be tested during study development.
  2. Structure: This is where you define the structure of your study. This is the first step you take when building your study.
  3. Form: Here the Form Builder is displayed. This is where the CRF forms are built.
  4. Reports: Here is an overview of all reports added to the study.
  5. Users: Here users can be invited to a CRF, and rights for each individual user can be managed.
  6. Surveys: Here you can find an overview of all the survey invitations that have been created.
  7. Audit trail: An overview of the complete audit trail for the study. This tab will only be visible when you have all management rights enabled for your user (i.e. Manage Records, Forms, Users, and Settings).
  8. Statistics: This tab shows number of inclusions and the number of records randomized per institute per group.
  9. Monitoring: Only visible when using the additional GCP package, here every query for the current CRF can be seen and managed.
  10. Settings: Here all the settings for the eCRF are managed.

Go back to the 'My studies' page

You can go back to the 'My studies' page with the overview of all your studies by clicking on the Castor icon in the top left:

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