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The Records tab

In the 'Records' tab, an overview of all the records within the study is available. A user can only see the records that belong to the institutes for which they have 'View' rights.

The Records tab explained

The 'Records' tab shows an overview of all the records in your study.

It is possible to search, create, export, import, print and filter the records.

  • New record: use this button to create a new record
  • Export: allows to export data from all or specific records
  • Import: allows to import data
  • Print: allows you to print study, report or survey structure
  • Queries: will show the total amount of un-closed queries on the record
  • Filter records: The search bar and dropdown menu allow to filter records based on values. Besides filtering by Record Progress and Institute, records can also be filtered by: Created by, Created between, Last updated by and Last updated between

It is also possible to filter:

  1. Locked status
  2. Missing SDV: Filters to only show records that have collected data (excluding reports), that has not been Source Data Verified.

  • View mode: view records in a list or track record progress

    Per phase/step there is an indication if there are any comments, how many open queries there are and if the phase/step is SDV’ed, signed, or locked. The progress per phase/step is also shown.

  • Filter by record status: filter records by their status (completed, incomplete, not started and archived records)
  • Filter by institute: select records which belong to a particular institute. If all the boxes are deselected, all the records for all the institutes will be shown.

Records and record details

  • Record: by pressing on 'Record' it is possible to sort them based on the record ID (ascending and descending orders)
  • Institute: sort records by Institute in alphabetical order
  • Last opened/updated on: indicates when the record was opened/updated the last time
  • Randomization group: will be visible in the record overview, except for users without randomization rights (which allows for blinding)
  • Progress: displays the progress of a record based on the required questions. All the questions that are not required will not be taken into account to calculate the progress of a record
  • Created by: shows the user that created the record
  • Created on: displays the date when the record was created. In the "Records" tab overview only the creation date is shown. To see the date and time when the record was created, just export the data
  • Last opened/updated by: shows a user who opened the record the last time
  • Queries: a query icon will appear on the record list in this column, in this way any user (non-monitor) can see there is an issue with the record
  • Actions: displays actions that can be performed with a record - view, lock and unlock, and when pressing on the cogwheel other actions (import spreadsheet, print record, update institute, update email address, archive this record and delete this record if the study hasn't been live yet. The icons for the actions appear when you hover over a record with your mouse.

Page settings 

  • Page: navigate between the pages by clicking on arrow icons, or by directly typing in the desired page in the field
  • Refresh icon: to refresh and update the page click the round arrow icon
  • Records per page: choose how many records can be shown in the overview, it is possible to select between 25, 50, 100, or 250 records displayed on one page
  • Lock selected: lock multiple selected records
  • Unlock selected: lock multiple selected records
  • Print selected: print selected records
  • Displaying records: shows the number of records displayed out of the total number of records

Opening a record

You can open a record for data entry by double clicking on the record, or by clicking on the eye icon. When you open a record, you can go back to the Records overview by clicking the 'Back to records' button:

Navigate between the steps in a study by clicking on 'Previous' and 'Next'.  In a study with only one phase and one step these buttons will be grayed out.

Video tutorial

Watch the video walk-through on Castor Academy:

Records in Castor EDC | Castor Academy

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